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We love running

We turn 5k runners into PB’ers! Our aim is to get you running with enjoyment.  We help you discover how to prepare and train for 5k’s in a way that gets results quickly.

Discover more about the 5k2pb Running ACADEMY

The 5k 2 PB Running Academy is online running coaching for runners who want to improve their 5k performance.

It is the most comprehensive programme available as it covers the following 7 elements that gives you everything you need to improve in just 4 weeks:

Cardio | Technique | Strength | Flexibility | Mindset | Nutrition | Physique

It also includes 4 additional bonus elements that ensures your success

Accountability | Rest & Recovery | Race Day Gems | How to analyse your own running technique


Also included is:

Personalised Training Programme

Weekly Access to your coach

Monthly 2k testing - to monitor progress

Access to our exclusive online group to keep you on track.


Is ThE 5k2pb RUNNING ACADEMY For you?

We cater for runners who:

  • Slow, Average or Recreational Runners

  • Are ready to transform their running but don’t know where to start

  • Think they know exactly how to train but don’t do it or stick to it

  • Are stuck in a rut or plateaued

  • Don’t enjoy running

  • Are too busy or intimidated to join a running club?

  • Have successfully completed Couch to 5k ("C25k") and feel its time to take their running to the next level

  • Want bragging rights over their friends, family and fellow runners!!


If any of these sound like you, we'll help you with these challenges.  We'll design your programme in a way that'll make you train smart, everything you'll do will have a purpose and you'll focus on areas that will achieve results.

Come and join us now


5k 2 PB was created by Jon Evans due to his love of running and all things fitness related.


After growing up in a running family, where weekends were spent supporting from the sidelines in a pushchair way before there were spend on the start line.  Jon was always destined to be active, his love of running came after getting the bug for big events and parkrun.

After struggling mentally and physically, Jon read and researched anything and everything to do with anatomy, running and fitness.  He then formalised his education when successfully gaining personal training and running qualifications.   Jon prides himself in continually investing in himself to learn, develop and keep up to date with new research.  Follow the blog to read about his progress as he is also continuing to develop his running.

Jon’s in build desire to help others means he has used his passion to start 5k 2 PB to build a community and help improve for those that wish to develop their running.

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