Our London Marathon Spectator Guide Part 2 - Where to stand to see your runner?

If you missed part 1, read our 9 tips to make you be the best London Marathon Spectator! here As promised here is part 2. Here, I go into more detail on locations. This is ideal for anyone who wants to see their runner as many times as possible, it’s suitable for anyone supporting any runners who are expecting to run 4 hours and above. Aim to see your runner at the following miles: (5 or 6 times in total) Mile 9 Mile 11 Mile 15 Mile 18 Optional - Before mile 22 or 23 Mile 25 On the image above, our logo identifies our recommended spectator points. Start on the lowest logo (on the image) and go anti-clockwise! How to reach the locations ... Take the tube to Canada Water, walk to mile 9 (Cana

9 tips to make you be the best London Marathon Spectator!

Are you planning to go to London to support a loved one for this year's London Marathon? Not sure where to go, what to do and anxious about the crowds or missing them? Here are some useful tips to help you! I’ve been privileged to run the London Marathon twice and have been there to support a few times so follow my tips below to make sure you have an awesome day! Read part 2 here where I’ve set out the exact locations I’d head to so that you get to see your runner as many times as possible! Before the Marathon 1) Force them to be off their feet the day before I have visions of runners being rugby tackled to the ground by their loved ones now! Planning the day before the race is really imp

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