Know you are going to fail at your goals? Try this!

It pains me slightly writing this as I love goal setting! I set New Years Resolutions and often put my monthly goals out on social media, it keeps me accountable and I do it to try and motivate others into doing the hard work needed for their goals. If done well, goal setting can drive some amazing results, and I’m still a fan and not willing to fully let go of goals setting. I especially think my long term goal of a sub 20 parkrun goal (so crazy and scary a goal that I’ve even created my own hashtag - #mycrazysub20goal) keeps me moving forward (or at least stops me from going backwards!). The downside of goals / resolutions … The process of setting goals implies that you don’t ach

January 2020 Challenge

January 2020 sees the start of my latest challenge! I’ve put a challenge out to runners of all abilities to knock 1 minute off their 5km time! I’ve even created a hashtag - #1minuteoff, creative I know, but to the point! For runners that have signed up, I’ve written a plan that is optional, as runners can do their own thing, I have recommended they follow a plan as am a big believer in progress doesn’t happen by accident. I’ll be posting updates here on how everyone is getting on! Want to join? There is still time, as you just need to run 5k between Jan 1st and Jan 6th, it is 100% free, no catches and no obligation to purchase anything. If you want to join click here to sign up.
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