Back to it, post baby - 10k approaching

So you may have seen on my social media that boyo number 2 has arrived! I am officially a father of two! Unbelievable to say that, I don't feel old or mature enough! I wrote a post about what I learnt on the weekend of the birth you can read it here. I'd signed up to the Healthspan 10k series a while ago (4 x 10k runs through the year) to try and keep me active as am pleased after boyo number 1 arrived that I've kept as active as I have. Then I was asked if I'd like to do the resolution run in Cardiff, I'd heard of it before but didn't know much about it. After a quick google I saw it was a Stroke Association event and thought I must do it given what my partner's mother has been through re

London Marathon Elevation

I was asked recently about the elevation of the London Marathon, so I've put some numbers and graphs to support my response. In summary the elevation is nothing to worry about, that's an understatement really, as it is flat, very flat. Here is the elevation map from when I did it, I've also split it down in to 5 mile blocks so you can see the smaller increases and decreases. I've also included the starting elevation on each. In summary, the first 2 mile are pretty flat, then you have about a mile of gentle decline and then stay down there other than a few pulls up, the elevation gain after the 3 miles only goes from averaging around 20ft to a gaining 100ft around mile 19. Complete Course Ar

Are you ready for your Marathon?

Preparing for a marathon can be a stressful time. The feeling of the unknown can be there even for experienced marathon runners. We've put together a checklist of everything we think you need to do and take to make sure you prepare well and enjoy your marathon experience. Just enter your details here and we'll send you a copy

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