January 8, 2019

New Year's Day is a day where some parkruns change from their usual 9am start time, allowing some hardcore parkrunners the chance to run two in one day.  Some start at 8.30am, some keep their usual 9am slot, and some start late at 10.30am, allowing those who've celebra...

January 6, 2019

Running everyday is an exciting challenge, when you sign up or commit to doing one, it can give you a real buzz!  Seeing the month (or longer) ahead of you, you get pumped, ready to attack it! 

The first few days are great, what happens after that can var...

December 3, 2018

You may have noticed there are a lot of running streaks going around on social media these days, for those that haven’t heard of these running streaks, it is where you run everyday!  There are some crazy crazy streaks out there, some spanning many years!

This December I...

October 5, 2018

The half marathon distance cannot be disrespected! I've been caught out with complacency before so respecting the distance is critical!! Here's my Half Marathon tips for you to succeed at this distance!

Tip 1 - Train with the same trainers AND clothes that you are going...

May 31, 2018

I saw this question posted on social media last week and really got me thinking about why I run? Seems like such a simple question but yet it made me think that I could answer in so many different ways!  

What are your reasons for running? Why do you get out there with...

April 17, 2018

If you missed part 1, read our 9 tips to make you be the best London Marathon Spectator! here

As promised here is part 2.  Here, I go into more detail on locations. This is ideal for anyone who wants to see their runner as many times as possible, it’s suitable for anyon...

April 16, 2018

Are you planning to go to London to support a loved one for this year's London Marathon? Not sure where to go, what to do and anxious about the crowds or missing them?  Here are some useful tips to help you!

I’ve been privileged to run the London Mar...

December 13, 2017

Getting your pacing right can be challenging!  Here is a very simple workout to help you understand your pacing a bit better.

After a warm up, note your starting position.

Run for X minutes - where X can be as short or as long as you like, in our image below we've used 2...

November 3, 2017

Today's cross training workout! 

A good, quick one to get the heart rate going and sweat dripping!

Repeat each round 3 times! Each round starts with a cardio blast and then a 5 rep reduction pyramid!  

Try it and let me know how it goes!!

October 28, 2017

Due to a number of events held in our amazing city we have recently used 2 alternative courses to ensure parkrun can go ahead. 

Over the  9 weeks (19/08 - 15/10) we've used:

Blackweir - 5 times

Llandaff Fields - 1 time (by Cathedral Road)

Pontcanna Fields 3 times (by Ridin...

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