​Are you a slow, average or recreational runner?

Stop getting left behind!


The brand new 


is here to transform your running.


5k2PB Running Academy

What is the 5k2PB Running Academy?

Running coaching has always been seen to be for the elite runner, chasing the fast times and winning races.

The slow, average recreational runner has always been neglected ... hence the 5k 2 PB Running Academy was born.  


The 5k 2 PB Running Academy offers online running coaching for runners (and those that say "I'm not really a runner")

Whether you want to:

  • Get Faster

  • Get Fitter 

  • Lose Weight through running

  • Improve your running

  • Or just know you have more to give and want to reach your running potential.

The 5k 2 PB Running Academy is for you.

How does the 5k2PB Running Academy work


Learn everything you need to know to transform your running, including;

  • Technique, getting you  to run efficiently

  • Cardio, including pacing & stamina,

  • Strength training, 

  • Mindset, and 

  • Physique (including weight loss for runners)

  • Nutrition

Personalised Plan

Included as part of your membership you'll receive a personalised plan, that is tailored for your current ability, ensuring your are working specifically to your goals

Monthly Testing

The first Monday of every month is



test day.  


You'll need to complete a 2k run, this will allow us to see how you are progressing towards your goals.


You'll join our community of like minded runners, all of which are trying to improve their running.  So whether you are trying to break 25 minutes or 40 minutes 5k there'll be someone in a share your highs and lows. 

How to join?

When launched you'll be able to sign up for instant access and get started immediately.


It's really easy to join the 5k2PB, you can choose the duration you'd like to initially sign up for or come and have a no obligation (no payments details required), FREE trial here.   Your membership will automatically renew but you can cancel any time and there is no minimum contract!

Once you've signed up, working at your own pace, watch the videos and complete the worksheets on our easy to use online system.


You'll need to answer a questionnaire that is included on the online tool, your response will then be analysed and a personalised plan will be sent to you via email (not available on the free trial).

As your coach, I'll do live videos so you can ask any questions and we can tweak your plan as we go.


Join our private online communities.  We use Facebook, Garmin Connect, Strava and have an Instagram hashtag so you can find other 5k2PB'ers in many places!

Now for the hard work, follow your plan, put your learnings into practice and let the PB's come!


You'll be kept accountable through a monthly 2k test, you'll need to run 2k as hard as you can and submit your result online.

Who is the 5k2PB Running Academy for?

We cater for you if you:

  • Are ready to transform your running but don’t know where to start

  • Know how to train but need help sticking to a plan

  • Are stuck in a rut or your running has plateaued

  • Don’t enjoy running, and want to start through seeing improvements in your performance

  • Are too busy or intimidated to join a running club

  • Want to take your running to the next level, OR

  • Want bragging rights over your fellow runners by seeing dramatic improvements in results or just having the kudos of saying you've got a running coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ONLINE running coaching work?

You'll learn through our online platform by watching videos and completing documents that allows you to set goals and update your progress (via the monthly 2k run). You'll recieve a personalised plan based on your goals and what you want to achieve with your time with us in the 5k 2 PB Academy. Finally there'll be a chance to ask questions on anything you are not sure on during a live video every week.

What’s included when I join?

1) Access to the online platform 2) Personalised plan 3) Access to me, your running coach via, email, text or a live video weekly Q&A 4) Access to our community (facebook group, Garmin Connect, Strava, WhatsApp group) 5) Your progress will be monitor monthly based on a 2k run that you'll need to submit a time for on the online platform.

What type of runners is the 5k2PB Running Academy for?

The 5k2PB Running Academy caters for all runners, that said if you are Mo Farah then we probably aren't for you. Our greatest success is with people who class themselves as slow, average or recreational runners, so if you describe yourself as one of these and you want to get faster, fitter or generally improve our running, coming and join us now. We are also not designed for complete beginners, there is loads of great free couch to 5k programmes out there that we'd recommend you follow first, once you can run 5k then come and join us, we'd love to help you take your running to the next level.

I’m not really a runner, is this for me?

Yes - we have a very strict definition of "a runner". We class a runner as anyone who can run 2 metres. Yes that is right 2 metres, not 2 kilometres or 2 miles but 2 metres. We class everyone as runners, not matter how fast or slow you are, you are a runner. That said we do want to take your running to the next level so do ask that you can run 5k before you join up!

How does the pricing work?

There are 3 options when you join. You can join for: 1 week 4 weeks 1 year. Each of these options are a subscription model so they will renew automatically (you'll then get a new personalised plan for that period). There is however no contract and you can cancel at anytime.

Is the 5k2PB Running Academy better than downloading a free programme?

100% yes - the 5k2PB Running Academy is SO much more that the programmes you can download for free. Firstly the plan we provide for you is personlised based on your current status and your goals. They are also refreshed each time your membership renews (1 week, 4 weeks or 1 year depending on how you wish to pay). Our approach is far more holisitc than any free programme, it is hugely comprehensive and covers: Technique ⭐️ Cardio ⭐️ Strength ⭐️ Mindset. ⭐️ Nutrition ⭐️ Physique (including weight loss for runners) ⭐️ Flexibility

I’m already a member of a running club, can I still join?

Of course you can, some of my runners are too afriad to tell their running club they've been working with me. They've even been embarrassed by their awesome results, one of them even knocked 7 minutes off their club run! So if you want to catch somebody that is always ahead of you - come and join us!

How do I cope with the elation of personal best after personal best?

Haha I love hearing from my members when they've smashed a PB and then wait in anticipation to their next run to see if they've beaten it again! Enjoy the elation!

I have another question that isn’t listed here?

No problem at all. Feel free to contact me via email on info@5k2pb.com or on my instagram or facebook page - you can find me by searching 5k2PB on either of them!

Is it just for 5k?

No, your personalised plan can be geared for any distances. All the videos are not distance specific so can be used whatever your goal. That’s said if you don’t have a race planned, we love working with runners to improve their 5k, it’s a perfect distance as sets the foundations for everything else. We love getting runners improve their 5k time and then get them to build (or re-build) endurance with a better technique, better fitness, improved mindset, stronger body, improved knowledge around nutrition and a physique more suited to running!

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