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10 last minute, not so obvious tips for the London Marathon

Here are my last minute, not so obvious tips for your big day!

1. The Expo is great, absolutely great but get in and get out! It’s energy zapping, go back and enjoy the expo on a year you are not running! No talk is going to make a difference the day before!

2. Pack Flip flops in your bag, you’ll want to get those trainers off!

3. Agree a meeting place that is not under your letter at official horse guards parade meeting point! The crowds from the end of the bag drop to your letter are crazy (stay left or straight on is my advice!)

4. Try and get a late check out in your hotel if only staying the Sat night so you can go back after the run.

5. Check with hotel that you have a bath in room, the last thing you want to find is just a walk in shower if planning to go back after the run.

6. Get there early - if you are planning on getting overground train and it is not at start of line be prepared for full trains, I got on at Charing Cross and couldn’t pick up runners in next few stations

7. Relax - don’t waste energy on nerves!

8. Although people say queue’s for toilets are crazy, both times I popped back after being in the starting pen and just walked straight in, it takes up to 15 mins to cross the line after the gun!

9. Book your next race in NOW! I let me running slip straight after I really wish I’d had an end of May event to keep my focus! End of May 10k would be perfect!

10. Enjoy it! Especially the bands, the steel band by Canary Wharf is awesome!

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