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Building 5k  2 PB - Welcome

Welcome to 5k 2 PB! The ultimate 5k training plan that gives a guarantee to runners they'll improve their time over a 4 week period if they follow the plan! That's been my vision for quite some time now, and finally after years of research, education and testing I'm getting close to launch. Tomorrow marks the day that I set my "PB" at Parkrun before starting following THE plan! On this blog I'll documenting: - Running - how I'm progressing against the plan, sharing the high and lows!   - Start up info - Developing the brand, how I'm raising awareness of 5k 2 PB, I really want to help improve runners through 5k 2 PB so I'll be sharing my start into the entrepreneurial world of selling training plans online, sharing the background, tips, who I'm approaching and the tools I'm considering and using throughout! 

- General ramblings! - using the blog as a diary of what else is going on in my world!  

Hope you enjoy it and please like, share and interact as makes it all worthwhile! 

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