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10,9,8,7,6,5,4,.....3,......2,......1.. We have lift off!

So pleased to announce that we are live. It has taken over 10 months; being a perfectionist I wanted to be happy with everything before launch and as they say ... good things come to those who wait! I can't believe it was April since the first blog post, a lot has gone on since then! As I said then, this blog will be about running, my start-up journey and general ramblings. I will try and keep it mainly running related but am sure will include other fitness related elements.

As this is a launch post, I thought it was worth giving a brief summary of what 5k2PB is, I'll go through each point in more detail at some stage in another blog post, but feel free to ask any questions you have:

🎯 Preparation and Training programme - it is so much more than a training programme, it is extremely comprehensive - the full programme is 24 pages! The approach covers a lot!!! There are supporting videos too so although there is a lot of information, it is displayed in an easy to understand way. It includes a calendar in the instant download. The whole programme covers over 65 points! 

🎯 4 week programme which focuses on getting results quickly. It intentionally focuses on areas that do not take time before seeing the benefits and disregards some (worthwhile) traditional training methods which your body would take more time to adapt. With the programme only being 4 weeks, it also means commitment is easier! 

🎯 Aimed to help those that can run 5k already, regardless of pace! So you could have just finished couch to 5k ("C25k") and ready for the next step or you could be 'flying round' in 20mins. 

🎯 Money back guarantee - I'm hugely passionate in making sure that I give great value, which is why I feel I will have failed anyone that follows the programme and doesn't get quicker over the 4 weeks and hence would an offering a full refund! Obviously you have to follow the programme though! You can't just download it and decide somewhere along the way it's not for you! This is why I have included ...

🎯 Accountability - I know sticking to any training regime is tough, I personally think my stats on how many programmes I've written, bought or downloaded and started but not completed wouldn't make pretty reading, that's why the programme comes with a number of accountability elements. The two main ones are; an online group so everyone on the programme can support each other and secondly, you will receive email support directly from me. As you kick off the programme you'll get a daily email from me helping and supporting you along the way, making sure you are clear on what is needed that day, it is also your opportunity to ask any questions or worries you may have! 

🎯Charity and not for profit donations - As 5k2PB was born to support the parkrun quest to get a defibrillator near each parkrun event and appreciate a lot of us runners do events to support charities I therefore decided I wanted to give something back!  

Sorry that turned into quite a long post but just wanted to say I'm also planning a mini blog series called "Chasing my 69 year old dad!". This will follow my own training following 5k2PB as part of my quest to beat my 69 year old father! More on that on another post but look out for "Chasing my 69 year old dad" in the title of any future blog post! Finally please subscribe and if you've enjoyed this or looking forward to hearing future posts please like and share on Facebook, twitter and Instagram! Thanks for reading Ciao Bellas (as I'm writing this from Italy!!) 

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