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Why do you run?

I saw this question posted on social media last week and really got me thinking about why I run? Seems like such a simple question but yet it made me think that I could answer in so many different ways!

What are your reasons for running? Why do you get out there with your trainers on?

I’ve split my reasons into 2 sections! How I got into running and Why do I continue to run.

Why I got into running?

I’ve always dabbled with running, as a child I was bought up in a running family and so remember running in the summer along the lanes near the house. My father was (and still is) a keen runner. As I child I remember going to London for the Marathon, but it was the first time I went as an adult, to watch a friend in 2011 that I was really inspired! Standing in Canary Wharf next to the steel band I told myself I must do this! Off I went to download a coach to 5k app and a year later, there I was on the start line!!

So for that year I had no choice but run, seeing progress gave me a buzz and hence why one of my core beliefs is that to enjoy your running, you need to progress!

Why I continue to run?

Funny enough if you asked me whether I enjoy running, on the whole I’d probably say no! There are definitely other go to exercises for me, a good gym session or gym class is definitely preferred for me so why do I continue to run:

  1. My crazy goal - #mycrazysub20goal I’ve set myself a target to run 5k in less than 20minutes, for me this is a milestone worth aiming for and only achieved by hard work! I like setting myself challenges and I think with running there is always so much to scope to improve!

  2. The big event - I love a running event, it doesn’t matter if it’s 80 people in Llyn Llech Owain parkrun or 30,000 at the London Marathon. I love the interaction with friends, family and other runners during the build up, the nerves before the run (which are typically proportionate to the size of the event/occasion- not the distance!), I love the interaction with supporters during the race, being cheered on, and having your name on your top really spurs you on, and then the interaction afterwards when you have that medal in common with other runners,and the congratulations from those that are without that bit of blink hanging down from their medal!

  3. Ease - I love how easy it is to go for a run, trainers and kit on, and boom your off, anywhere in the world! Your exercise starts the minute you are out of the door so even a short jog and shower only needs to take just over half hour!

  4. Family - I’m hugely lucky here, with a sister and father to do multiple events with, we are often co-ordinating days and weekends out around races

  5. Want to help and inspire others - I started 5k2PB and personal training as love helping others and seeing them progress, I continue to educate myself to help others and hence getting out on the road helps me get to my goal will allow me to help others

  6. Feelings - I don’t get this after every run but after a good morning run, the buzz I get after settling back home can last most of the day!

  7. Health - cardio & mental, although not a daily trigger to go running, the cardio and mental health benefits for me are great. When running I find I’m very mindful about running, not particularly about my surroundings but very rarely think about in particular that may be stressing me out!

  8. Habit - last by not least it’s now a habit for me, I feel really bad if I’ve not done a parkrun in a couple of weeks

Interesting a lot of these aren’t reasons that non-runners don’t run! We’ve got a non-runner guest blogger on that very subject coming soon!!!

Have a think, why do YOU run? Let me know, I'd love to know!

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