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South Wales' HARDCORE double parkrunners

New Year's Day is a day where some parkruns change from their usual 9am start time, allowing some hardcore parkrunners the chance to run two in one day.  Some start at 8.30am, some keep their usual 9am slot, and some start late at 10.30am, allowing those who've celebrated hard on new year's eve a bit of a longer lie in!

In South Wales there was a number of options to do the 'double'

Here is a map of how many runners did the double and where they did them, the green runs are where runners did their first run and the blue is where they did the second.  

The thickness of the line indicates how many runner made the journey. i.e. more runners went from Cardiff to Barry than they did Cardiff to Penallta.

The numbers are explained further below.

Total number of runners at 9am events:

Cardiff - 806

Bryn Bach - 247

Newport - 527

Today number of runners at 10.30am events 

Barry Island - 616

Riverfront - 627

Grangemoor - 242

Penalta - 297

Aberbeeg - 197

Number of runners who did their double:

Cardiff to Aberbeeg - 1 Cardiff to Barry Island - 207 Cardiff to Grangemoor - 132 Cardiff to Penallta - 21 Cardiff to Riverfront - 20 Bryn Bach to Aberbeeg - 95 Bryn Bach to Penallta - 50 Bryn Bach to Riverfront - 1 Newport to Aberbeeg - 8 Newport to Barry Island - 8 Newport to Grangemoor - 1 Newport to Penallta - 3 Newport to Riverfront - 327  

Some at Riverside came from Lydney (8.30 start) and some from Ashton Court.

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