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8 Tips To Survive Your Run Streak

Running everyday is an exciting challenge, when you sign up or commit to doing one, it can give you a real buzz! Seeing the month (or longer) ahead of you, you get pumped, ready to attack it!

The first few days are great, what happens after that can vary but 2 things to be aware of are:

1) Boredom

2) Injury

Here are our 8 tips to help you, if you experience either of the above:

Tips against boredom

1. Try new routes - don’t do the same route every day, even something as simple as changing direction will help give you some variety

2. Ask a friend to join you, even if you are not matched for pace, faster people generally don’t mind slowing down for you and if you are the faster person, then it is a good excuse to have a gentle jog with company

3. Mix up the intensity, see the image below for some ideas on how to vary the run

4. Monitor your times and see if you can beat your initial time or even yesterday's

Tips against injury

5. Minimise the risk of injury by doing as little distance as you can some days - if your minimum run is 1 mile, just stick to that

6. Minimise the risk of injury by reducing the intensity - a super slow jog will give you a tick for that day but not put as much strain through your legs

7. Act straight away - As soon as you feel any niggle during your runs, take action and make a change, don’t think it’ll pass in a few days, the likelihood is that it won’t. Being proactive will help you get to the end of your streak - consider:

  • Reducing distance

  • Reducing pace

  • Increasing cadence

  • Improved recovery - nutrition, supplements, massage, foam rolling, stretching

8. If it’s too late and you are injured, don’t throw in the towel, try and replace the streak with other non-impact / non-weight bearing exercise e.g. swimming, cross-training, cycling. I recommend doing these for how ever long you were running rather than matching the distance!

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