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Cardiff parkrun insights - Llandaff Fields

After yesterday's Cardiff parkrun there was a lot of chat about how hard the "alternative alternate" course was - there are 3 courses we use at Cardiff parkrun, and yesterday's was at Llandaff Fields - it's the course we use the most infrequent!

I did compare all three last year in a blog post which you can read here, but after all the chat yesterday about how hard the course was I thought I'd compare last week's at Blackweir to this week's at Llandaff Fields.


Blackweir (6th April) - 823

Llandaff Fields (14th April) - 720

This follows the trend from the previous analysis, it certainly seems like we are creatures of habit, and don't like change! Interestingly the run was due to take place using the alternative course (Pontcanna Fields) and then a late change of plan meant that we would be using the alternative alternate course which was Llandaff Fields. Even so, it seems like any change in course, reduces the likelihood of people coming! There was the Great Welsh Half and Marathon in Llanelli today (the Sunday after!) so may affected number?

Do you avoid parkrun if you know it's not on the usual course? - Let me know in the comments below?

Average time

Blackweir (6th April) - 28 mins 2 seconds

Llandaff Fields (14th April) - 28 mins 51 seconds

A huge 49 seconds different between the 2 courses!

Percentage of PBs

Blackweir (6th April) - 16%

Llandaff Fields (14th April) - 7%

No idea what happened last week at Blackweir, but 16% is huge!

Average Time for those in the top 10%

Blackweir (6th April) - 19 mins 19 secs

Llandaff Fields (14th April) - 19 mins 51 secs

Clearly the 'speedsters' prefer Blackweir …

Average time for those in the 85% - 95%

Blackweir (6th April) - 35 mins 52secs

Llandaff Fields (14th April) - 37 mins 7 secs

… and the more casual amongst us also perform better at Blackweir

Return Runners

Only 236 runners did both weeks.

Of these return runners:

179 were quicker the first week at Blackweir

57 were quicker the second week at Llandaff Fields

Any of the stats surprise you? Comment below!

Thanks to all those volunteers who make parkrun possible! Especially the momentous effort to change course as such short notice!

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