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I'm back

I ran a poll on instagram on whether you'd like to here about my personal journey or whether you just wanted coaching tips and advice!

The results were a resounding - BOTH! So this post is a bit of an update on where I'm at!

If you've followed me on social media, you may have seen that September to December was pretty good for me, I lost over a stone and PB'd Cardiff parkrun, a record that stood for over 4 years!

Since then it's all been downhill, not for the want of trying but a busy few weeks over Christmas, meant training didn't go well and true to form as soon as I stop training I get ill... anyone else find this?

After recovering from the Christmas lurgy, I got a few training sessions under my belt, but within a couple of weeks I got hit with Tonsillitis and boom training was certainly off the table!

Anyways, onwards and upwards, although we are overdue with our pending new addition to the family - I am official back!

I've signed up the four 10k's as part of the Healthspan series (Cardiff Bay, Newport, Porthcawl, Barry) as a way to make sure I keep active as a new father again (it's one of my proudest achievements to have stayed active after the first one!).

So my focus goes to the first 10k - Cardiff Bay 10k - 29th March 2020, I want to be really ballsy and say I want to get into a shape to hit my 10k PB but that maybe a big ask so I'm going to stay more conservative and say I want to go under 58mins, 57:59 would be awesome!

I also am going to have a push on the weight loss again, I may not post it every week on my instagram like I did last time but I will update on here every 2 or 3 weeks. Enter your email address below to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

What's your next goal? Let me know in the comment below or on my social media pages.

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