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Height/Weight and Lockdown Survey Results Part 1

Last week I decided, being the data geek I am, to run a survey, and ask the running community to input into it.

It had 2 aims:

1) To understand the impact height and weight has on running times, and potentially find the unofficial World Record by height and weight! Who knows this may even become an annul thing and this blog becomes the authority on these unofficial records! I've decided to keep the survey open so that over time we can collect more runner's result and hopefully improve the accuracy. You can complete it here.

I may even start verifying the results via Strava / Garmin (but even then there could be some cheating going on, so I am trusting of the data that is given to me!) I've seen some theories on the impact of weight but always think they don't sound generous enough to the bigger runner!

2) To see the impact lockdown has had on everyone's running.

I'll do a series of results posts as this one will get huge otherwise I wanted to get some results out for you. If you want to be notified of future posts please subscribe to the blog below.

1 - Gender: Who filled in the Survey?

So what do we learn from this:

No much, but wanted to give you an indication of how this blog is going to work!

2 - Times Summary

Average Current Time: 30 mins 17 seconds

Average PB Time: 27 mins 27 seconds

Average time away from PB: 2 mins 50 seconds

So what do we learn from this:

So this is roughly in line with parkrun's average. Interestingly on average people are 2 mins 50 seconds away from their PB.

3 - How long ago was your PB?

So what do we learn from this:

It's very interesting that 64% have PB‘d in the last year., especially given that most are currently nearly 3 minutes away from the their PB, but see below how it splits down by period. I’m always surprised when I often see that 10% of people PB parkrun every week.

4 - How far people’s PBs are away from their current time, split by how long ago they did it:

Last month 1 min 10 secs Within 3 months 1 min 51 secs Within 6 months 2 mins 6 secs Within 12 months 3 mins 5 secs Within 2 years 3 mins 11 secs Within 5 years 4 mins 7 secs

Within 10 years 6 mins 24 seconds Longer 8 mins 28 seconds

So what do we learn from this:

So as expected the longer the PB was achieve the further away the current and PB time is. It does go to show that now is the time to start going for your PB as once you get over 5 years, there is a big gulf to make up!

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5 - How has lockdown affected training running distances?

So what do we learn from this:

We see most (over a third) have kept their distances the same, but interestingly, that means two thirds have changed it. We see that, pretty much as many have increased their distance as they have decreased.

6 - How has lockdown affected your frequency of training?

So what do we learn from this:

In a similar vain to above, most have kept their frequency of training the same, but this time we see that more people have increase their frequency of training than decreased. it. 20% (or 1 in 5) have said they are getting out there a lot more.

7 - How has lockdown affected your intensity of training?

So what do we learn from this:

A steeper pattern this time, with much more keeping the intensity the same and where it as increased or decreased, most only saying slightly.

As said above I plan to do a series of posts of the results so subscribe below if want to be notified of when the next post goes live. If there is any analysis you particularly want to see let me know in the comments or on social media.

Finally if you've enjoyed this post, please share it!

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