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Height/Weight and Lockdown Survey Results Part 2

Being a runner and a data geek I created a survey to gather data on runners' weight, height and lock down experiences In part 2 of this results post I share the weight and height trends. You can read part 1 here, where I discuss PB's more general and the effect lockdown has had one people's training.

Also if you want to see the survey that I requested runners to fill in, you can see it here. I'm planning to keep it open, so if you haven't filled it in then please do, or if you have already and your situation changes (i.e. you get faster, slower, heavier, thinner, taller or short ;-)) then you can enter a new entry with your updated position.

Weight Results:

1 - Summary

This graph shows runners' 5k times plotted against their weight. The red line is a trend line which shows, as you would expect, that the heavier the runner the slower the times.

So what do we learn from this:

Interestingly the trend line isn't as steep as I thought, but given the size of data population is relatively small this may explain that. I've averaged the times for those between 140 and 180 and those between 180 and 220 and the difference is 55 seconds, which is not huge given that is a 40lbs (nearly 3 stone, or 18kg) difference.

2 - How far away from PB by Weight

The next 2 graphs show the same thing, except the bottom one is zoomed in. It shows how far away, in seconds everyone is, plotted against weight.

So what do we learn from this:

The trend line shows that heavier runners are further away from their PB's, which you could come up with some theories to support but the limited data set may have an impact here too.


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Height Results

3 - Summary

This graph shows all the current 5k times by height for the same data set. The red line is a trendline and shows that there is a decrease in time for taller people.

So what do we learn from this:

I was expecting this trend, as would have thought for the average runner being slightly taller would be beneficial as taller people are naturally gifted with long levers!

The average for 150 to 170cm versus the average from 170 to 190cm is 1 minute 33 seconds.

4 - How far away from PB by Height

The next 2 graphs show the same thing, except the bottom one is zoomed in. It shows how far away, in seconds everyone is, plotted against height.

So what do we learn from this:

It looks as though height doesn't have such a stronger trend as weight when it comes to how far away people currently are away from their PB. Probably due to the fact that height doesn't change as much as weight?!?

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If you'd like to read part 1, you can find it here. If you'd like to complete the survey, you can do so here


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