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Height/Weight and Lockdown Survey Results Part 3

Welcome to part 3 if you'd like to read part 1 you can read it here and part 2 here.

This part looks at the times by weight and height split by gender, and then the combined effect of weight and height by looking at BMI. Following this is the "World Record" by weight and height split by gender.

Obviously this isn't' the official World Record but is the fastest recorded time in the survey respondents, as there were only circa 700 entrants then some weight/height categories have a small number of runners in them.

Part 1 focuses on people's PB, how far they are away from it and the effect of lockdown on running.

Part 2 focuses on weight and height, including how far away runners are from their PB.

The survey remains open as I'll update these result in the future. You can complete it here.

  1. Current Time by Weight

We can clearly see the difference in male and female times, both show the trend of increasing weight = increasing time. The male trend is slightly steeper, implying that the impact of weight on men is greater than women, but the data is limited to make that conclusion.

2. Current time by Height

This shows, as expected, that height doesn't have as much impact on time as weight. There is a slight trend of the taller you are, the slower you get, but again the data is limited to reach such a conclusion.

3. Current Time by BMI

No surprises here, as BMI is a combination of weight and height, the greater the BMI, the great the 5k time.


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4 - World Record Times

As I said above these are obviously not world records, but they are the best times recorded in the survey.

The first two tables are effectively the same, both are weight related but the top one is in stones and the second in KG. Find out how you compare;

Worked Examples:

If you are a 16.5 stone male, look at the top left table and you'll see the best time is 24 mins and the average time is 31 mins 4 seconds.

If you are a 75kg female, looking the second table on the right, and you'll see the best time is 26 mins and the average time is 33 mins 51 seconds.

The bottom 2 tables are based on height and are a bit more sporadic!

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