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RUNNERS: Stop Struggling to Lose Weight

Open. honest and hopefully insightful blog post alert about weight loss!

I've struggled with my weight all my adult life, prioritising food and drink over health and fitness has caused this!

Sitting in an office job for 16 years, the first half of which include a lot of travel which means a lot of meals out and a lot of 'free'

drink. Good times had but I got to 19 stone and felt dreadful. I

remember walking up 2 flights of stairs thinking I must be having a heart attack, I was breathless. I didn't have the energy to think about dieting!

I also had a sort of complacency, that as I knew how to lose weight (Eat less + Move more), but every Monday I started and if I made it through the day on the diet it would be success, I'd never make it through Tuesday!

Then something changed, I've been up and down in weight since then but am now at a point that I'm happy, I'm able to function in life (i.e. throw my son up and down 400 times a day, being sent upstairs to do grab something then return straight back when I've forgotten it (weight loss hasn't help my lack of attention span!), even walking up 7 flights of stairs in the multi-story car park is seen as a challenge now rather than a Russian roulette of whether I'll make it!

I've learnt a lot in my journey and subsequently since working with clients face to face and online and now feel sad for people are aren't in there happy. It's probably those feelings in my DNA that made me what to become a coach and help people smash their goals. I've see it personally and with my clients, feeling so much more vibrant, energetic, confident the impacts on weight loss are huge, I've had people say they've applied for new jobs because there are in a better place and many many people in happier relationships!

The media I think are good at now sharing more around eating less and moving more but there is still a view of don't go on a diet! I honestly think this is advice from people that have never struggled with food! If you (like I was, and still am!) are a big eater, then saying don't go on a diet is giving free rain to eat! If you want to see changes in your body, then you need to make changes in your food in take and ideally level of activity (but not the most important side of the equation).

Was it Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Basically you need to make sacrifices, you need to be in a calorie deficit, call it what you like, but I like to say you are on a diet and you are in a restrictive period. Yes you have to manage yourself back to a new normal level where you can enjoy more food but weight loss doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be long. I saw an advert from a popular weight loss club last week, its said Female X had lost over 90lbs in 301 weeks. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, this poor dear has been on a diet for nearly 6 years!!! 6 years to lose 90lbs that's an average of 0.3lbs a week = 136g. That needs to be far nearer to 1lbs a week in my view, and in the early stages that should be flying off!

In 2020 I've had a slight change in strategy in 5k2PB, instead of offering the 5k2PB Running Academy, I've broken it down, I've kind of realised it was too good, as it offered everything you need to improve your running even if you didn't want it! One of the components to become a better running within the Academy was Physique, basically weight loss, as part of this I've sat down and really thought what makes the difference when I have a good weight loss period and what is it in my clients that get the results.

I've come up with three areas that I call secrets (as it sounds better than areas!)

SECRET 1: Super simple tip that guarantees you'll never feel the need to snack on rubbish again. Plus you'll be full of energy and at your goal weight before you know it.

SECRET 2: Why relying on willpower is the guaranteed way to fail... and what to do instead?

SECRET 3: How to make sure you’ll stick on a plan, from Day 1 all the way to the new transformed YOU

They are all too detailed to go through here, I think they all need a blog post to themselves(which I'll put on my to-do list if you want?!), but I'm going to share then via a free live webinar on Thursday 16th July.

You can register here there are only 100 spaces available so all I ask is that you only attend if you have weight to lose rather than just come to hear my story as I'll also share how I help you lose that weight.

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