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Virtual events: Great idea or Pointless?

I have a confession to make... I used to think virtual events were pointless and a complete waste of time and money! There I've said it! I can only say it because I've done a u-turn, and yes, it is because we are in a global pandemic that my mind has been changed but even when this whole thing is over (notice I say when not if, as I'm in the ‘please return to normal’ camp!) I'll be converted. For those of you not familiar with virtual events, they are events you sign up to online, but you do it yourself, on your own route. Some of them give dates or date ranges, some give a distance that has to be done in one go and some give a longer distance to over multiple runs. I used to think why pay the similar price as an event to run on your own and get a medal? but now I get it. Firstly the medal you get on some of these virtual runs are AMAZING! There is so much choice, there are things that may mean something to you. I've just signed up to one about 2020 and the Coronavirus, which although I said above I want it over, I thought it would be good to challenge myself and have something to remember this situation by. I've also signed up to pay respect to the NHS with a NHS medal. See below for more info and join me! Motivation:

I’ve always used actual events for motivation and focus. Virtual events can give you the same motivation, if you plan ahead you can approach the virtual event the same as a real one. Train for it, and put your best effort into it! Achievement: If like me you only get up to the half marathon distance once or twice a year for events then then virtual events can give you the push needed to get that distance done! You also get the same sense of achievement as you do from an in-person event. I'm sure anyone who did the virtual London Marathon will say the sense of achievement was immense. p.s. if you did do the virtual London Marathon, you are amazing! Well done! To run all that way without the support and buzz of the usual event is a huge achievement! I was lucky enough to jog a mile with Kerrie Aldridge who was doing it for the Miscarriage Association, you are amazing Kerrie (+team!) Time saving: Although I love the build-up and post race camaraderie, but it eats up a lot of time of the day, virtual events take the same time as a training run! Here are some websites if fancy trying a virtual event out: Virtual runner Race the Distance RealBuzz

Also here are the events I’m doing the rest of this year if you fancy joining me:

October: Half Marathon distance over Fri - Mon

From October 19th: My 6 week Ultimate 5k Training Blueprint, if you're on my email list you'll know about this, if not you can pre-register here. No medal here, just crazy improvement in times.

November 29th: 10k time trail -> I've ordered this NHS medal for this one from

The virtual event is flexible, the date and distance was entirely up to me. I'm planning to do this on the Taff Trail, Cardiff if anyone local fancies a socially distanced run, give me a message on instagram or email

Throughout December: #5k2pbRunXMiles is back, over the last few years I’ve had a big push on fitness throughout December and loved it, starting the new year in a good position is a great feeling, so this year is no different, I’m using the "We beat 2020" virtual challenge for this one (ordered from here). Again its a flexible as you choose your own distance, I’m aiming for 100km = 62 miles throughout the month of Dec. Again let me know if fancy doing this, you can pick your own distance!

Also in December: I’ve signed up to the virtual Nos Galan here , it's 5km and you can do it any time in December, you can even split it. I’m probably going to do this again on the Taff Trail and use it as a time trial, so if you want to join me as a socially distanced run message on instagram or email

What's your thoughts on virtual events? Post a comment below or on my social media post.

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